"Wu-Tang Forever"
with Toby Caldicott at Jim Ricks Projects
Sluice Art Fair, London
19 – 20 October 2013

jim ricks

In Wu Tang Forever free WuTang tattoos are provided to members of the public on demand. The relational performance was organised and conceived by Jim Ricks, and was executed by Toby Caldicott, an art director and professional tattoo artist.

This piece works with issues of the imitation, the permissionless, subcultures, memes, divergence, and doppelgängers. Can Wu Tang Clan sue its fans for ripping off their logo if its tattooed on their bodies?

It is also interesting that the branching divergent evolution of the original 'W' logo, as each member of Wu Tang Clan used it, flipped it, modified it for their own personal logos, and that fans have in turn given tattoo artists unique instructions to modify and customise these logos again, and in turn being reinterpreted by the tattoo artist himself.

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jim ricks

jim ricks